"Let's Selfie" IC Photography Contest


New policy from Ministry of Health and Welfare (National Health Insurance)

Ministry of Health and Welfare announced a new policy regarding National Health Insurance.

International students are legally obligated to enroll in the NHI program after a continuous residence in Taiwan for six months.

A continuous residence in Taiwan for six months is after deducting the number of days that he or she has been away from Taiwan.


2013 I Love IC Photography Contest

Contest Theme

  1. I love International College
  2. To show the features and characteristics of International College


The Contest is open to students studying at International College


  1. To promote the value and spirit of International College and to encourage students to participate in competition

International Scholarship Academic Average Grade Change Notice

In order to encourage international students to work hard and to have good grades, beginning from September 2012 (Fall semester) the grades standard have been changed for students whishing to apply for International Student Scholarship.

The changes are as follows:


2012 Fall- Freshmen Orientation of International College

Date: September 7, 2012 (Friday)

Time: 10:30-16:00

Location: Large Conference Room 



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