JMC Briefing


Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)  is a globalized program in regard to course content, sources of teachers, internship institutions and future employment. As part of International College, JMC not only recruits students with superior English ability, but also multilingual students from all around the world. We also provide multilingual projects to give our students more practical opportunities. In the future, one of our goals is to cultivate professional foreign language emcees. For furthering their studies, JMC students can also apply to New Media and Communication Administration Program to study at Ming Chuan University-Michigan Location.

Our mission is to develop responsible professionals with academic knowledge, practical abilities, and people skills to serve international communities by means of journalism and mass communication. We aim to provide students with a comprehensive learning environment to develop responsible professionals by promoting honesty and integrity. Our aim is to educate students with academic knowledge and practical abilities to adapt to and excel in the ever-changing media landscape. JMC program helps students to cultivate communication capabilities and people skills for better mutual understanding and interpersonal relationships, and inspires students to care for and better serve the well-being of the international society.

Through JMC courses, students will understand basic principles of journalism and mass communication, comprehend the responsibilities and ethics of journalists, and employ advanced technologies to carry out professional duties and master useful communication techniques for mass media.

In JMC program both theory and practice are important. Therefore, we not only provide comprehensive courses, but also organize practically-oriented media courses and well-organized internship programs to cultivate students’ abilities through hands-on experiences in people skills and media operations.

In addition to the basic and practical journalistic skills that enable our graduates to enter into the media world marketplace, we instill in students the self-confidence to collect, process, analyze, and use information so they learn to listen, communicate, and express themselves. Moreover, JMC trains students to analyze, compile, produce and report news stories. 

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